The Dalmatian Connection

I have just completed the podcasts and published the PDF book of ‘The Dalmatian Connection’. Norma wrote this book in 2010, but it has not been published before.

Travel on a steamship with Jenny and Mat Kazea to Zlarin, the Paris Exhibition held in 1900 and Londonderry. We then learn of Jean Zuvela’s life in Fremantle, Spearwood and the Lime Kilns. Jean finds a diary of a WW1 Sister, who travels Egypt, excerpts are published. Finally, there is a brief history of the Coolgardie International Exhibition of 1899

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Chapter 1: The Kazeas.
Jenny and Mat Kazea arrived in Boulder, Western Australia, from Victoria in 1897. They decided to embark on an overseas trip for six months to visit Mat’s family in Zlarin and Jenny’s family in Ireland. They also decided to go to Paris to see the International Exhibition that was held there in March 1900. 
Chapter 2: Jenny’s diary. 
Go back in time with Jenny on the steamship Oroya, as they travel to Zlarin. You will then follow their travels in Zlarin, Trieste, Vienna Leplitz and Paris in the year 1900.
Chapter 3: The Paris Exhibition
Jenny’s diary gives an interesting account of the Paris Exhibition of 1900 and the city of Paris. They then travel to England and Ireland. We then travel with them on the Ortona back to Australia.
Chapter 4: Jean
Jenny adopted Mat’s niece from Zlarin. Her name was Tomasina. She later married and had a girl named Jean. This chapter looks at her early life in Fremantle and Spearwood.
Chapter 5: The Lime Kilns
In 1933 Jean agreed to work for her brother as housekeeper and cook in a remote settlement on the Transcontinental Railway Line called the Lime Kilns.  This chapter looks at the unique and isolated community that produced lime for the goldfields. Jean lived at the settlement for 33 years
Chapter 6: A First World War Diary
Jenny found a diary written by Sister Clare Fitzpatrick. This diary details her experiences as a nursing sister in the First World War. Also included is information about her life.
Chapter 7: Continuing Jean’s Story
Jenny’s recollections of interesting events at the Lime Kilns and the challenges of living in a remote settlement.
Chapter 8: The Coolgardie Exhibition
A brief history of the International Mining and Industrial Exhibition held in Coolgardie in March, 1899.

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