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You will  the book written by Norma King in 2010 in pdf format. It has been revised and published for the first time now.

If you prefer, eBook and paperback also available from Amazon and other online bookstores

About the Dalmatian Connection:

This is the story of Mat and Jenny Kazea who lived in Boulder, Western Australia from the late 1800s. They travelled to the International Exhibition held in Paris in 1900, Mat’s family in Dalmatia and Jenny’s family in Ireland. Excerpts of her diary about the big adventure are included.

After they returned, they adopted their niece from Zlarin, Thomasina, and established a wine bar in Fremantle that was popular with migrants from Dalmatia, Croatia and Yugoslavia.

The story then follows Thomasina’s daughter, Jean, who lived in an isolated and unique community in the Goldfields for 33 years – The Lime Kilns at the Naretha siding of the Trans-Continental Railway.

Jean discovers a World War One Diary of a nurse who was posted to the same places that Jenny travelled to in 1900. Sister Clare Fitzpatrick’s diary is also included, with information about her life provided.

The final chapter is about the Coolgardie International Exhibition of 1899.


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