Interview with Bill Allen

Photo of Bill Allen
Bill Allen

Bill Allen was born June 1902 in Darlington, England.

Bill Allen’s family came out from England in 1915. They were chased by a submarine on the way over as it was during WWI.

After a year in Marvel Loch, they moved to Gwalia

He learned his trade as an engine driver on the Sons of Gwalia woodline and mine. He went to Wiluna looking for work in 1928 as the Wiluna gold mine was starting development work. His job was to pump water with a little steam sinking pump from the shaft of the Dark Horse to a big tank on a sand dump at the Golden Age, about half way between Wiluna and the mine. This water was used for domestic and mine uses until the mine sunk down to the sub-artesian basin for an almost unlimited water supply.

In these interviews he discusses early life in Gwalia and Wiluna.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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