Cure-All Pill of 1899

With summer just around the corner, be reminded not to be foolish enough to take a cold bath when it is very hot. But if you do and your constitution is weakened as a result, Dr WIlliams’ Pink Pills will cure it!

These miraculous pills will also cure indigestion, sleeplessness, eczema, liver,and kidney troubles, ladies’ ailments,lung and chest affections, measles,rheumatism, neuralgia, partial paralysis, locomoter ataxia, St. Vitus’ dance, nervous headache, nervous prostration, and the after-effects of influenza, dengue, typhoid, and scarlet fevers, and severe colds, diseases depending upon humors in the blood, such as scrofula,chronic erysipelas, etc.

Available to order from your chemist or general store.

Advertisment published in Kalgoorlie Sun, 22 Jan, 1899

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